Paragaea Activities

Guided Tour

Plan your visit at Paragaea where we guide you through the entire place explaining how every step of the olive oil production was made in this factory. Moreover you will see the modern way of the olive oil production in a brief video we have shot and in our history floor you can discover Parga’s history through the years and how the olive oil production -liquid gold- have affected our culture.
The visitors have the opportunity to take part in a unique olive oil tasting learning all the secrets of the olive oil.

Olive Oil Tasting

…you have the opportunity along with the guided tour we offering in the place to taste our entire product line which includes:
extra virgin olive oils, flavored olive oils and more.

Cooking Experience

…is a culinary experience in a warm and friendly environment. Our family organizes and realizes this event for people who want to experience the creativity of cooking and the warmth of traditional Greek hospitality.
Feel the joy of creation and learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine by participating in Paragaea Cooking Experience.
Treat yourself to a culinary experience that will be unforgettable!

Private Tasting

…our aim is to provide our visitors with the appropriate knowledge of choosing the right olive oil, using it the right way and enjoying it the best way.
By participating in this tasting you will have the chance to discover the features of a quality product and then, after you experience some “bad” or “negative” odors, you will contrast them with the aromas and the flavors of our products which you will taste one by one under our guidance.