Paragaea Activities

Guided Tour

Plan your visit at Paragaea where we guide you through the entire place explaining how every step of the olive oil production was made in this factory. You will discover the history of Parga’s first mechanical olive oil factory and its connection with our culture and people’s life. Moreover you will see the modern way of the olive oil production & the entire journey from the olive groves until your bottle in a short movie we have produced. In our history floor you can discover Parga‚Äôs history through the years and how the olive oil production -liquid gold- have affected our culture.

Olive Oil Tasting

The guided tour in Paragaea also includes the olive oil tasting. Together we will taste the entire product line of Paragaea that includes: extra virgin olive oils, flavored olive oils, olive oil based dressings and olive paste. Our experienced and well trained staff will help you to reveal all the secrets of olive oil, you will learn useful things about the acidity and the different qualities of olive oil that will help you to choose wisely every time you stand in front of a shelf.

Cooking Experience

The Cooking Experience is a unique hands-on cooking workshop in a warm and friendly environment. An activity for those who want to discover the secrets of Greek cuisine and experience from first-hand the real atmosphere of the infamous Greek hospitality. Feel the joy of creation and learn the secrets of Greek cuisine by participating in Cooking Experience. Treat yourself to a cooking workshop that will be unforgettable!

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Wine Tasting

Are you interest in discovering Greek local grape varieties & wines ? Maybe you are just a wine lover… Or are you seeking for a fun & educate activity during your holiday in Parga? Bring your friends or come alone to Paragaea Wine Tasting for an enjoyable evening with Greek wines and friends.

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Opening Hours

PLEASE NOTE: The last guided tour starts half an hour before closing time each day

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