The Early Days
Counting over 3 decades in olive oil production we decided to create our own product line launching the Elia extra virgin olive oil. Produced 100% from Parga’s Lianolia variety, with.
January 15
The First Step
A Landmark Year! We acquire the oldest mechanized olive oil factory in our area, which is located inside the old city of Parga and a dream is just starting.
June 14
Early Exports
We are getting into the world of export for the first time ever. We start from Shanghai where we export, x bottles of the Elia extra virgin olive oil.
June 14
The Old Olive Oil Factory
Aiming the revival of the old olive oil factory, we are working hard, hiring experts, museologists and experienced architects, who we co-operate with, getting a little closer to our goal.
June 14
22 of June, the old olive oil factory reopens its doors to the public getting a new name, Paragaea & our product line, the Aegis Gourmet is introduced
June 14
The Aegis Dine&Drink
We are evolving fast and we start the Aegis Dine&Drink. A restaurant that brings Paragaea’s culture to its own exceptional identity, Paragaea is supporting and provoking the Greek culinary tradition.
June 14
Moving Forward Fast
We start our online store, present for the first time the Cooking Experience & participate in one of the biggest trade affairs for food and drinks in Europe, the Food&Life.
November 29
…With Small Steps
We cooperate with Setnex who becomes our distributor in German market. Now you can book online for the Cooking Experience which we made beyond all the expectations 15 times this summer!  
November 29