Aegis Gourmet  50ml

extra virgin olive oil – 50ml Aegis Gourmet


Parga’s Lianolia

Harvest Period

Early Harvested, 20th Oct – 15th Nov

Rich, robust, spicy & velvety. Best consumed as is or as finishing touch to your plates.


weight(kg): 0.120


The perfect gift !

This extra virgin olive oil is coming 100% from the Lianolia variety of olives that grow in the region of Parga. The harvest for this olive oil begins at the end of October when the olives are still green, more fruity and the levels of polyphenols and antioxidants are high. Through the production method of cold extraction under 27 °C, those characteristics are blended in the Aegis Gourmet extra virgin olive oil which promises fruity and spicy flavor.

Weight 0.150 kg

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