Aegis Gourmet EVOOAegis Gourmet EVOO
OFFER Aegis Gourmet EVOO - 375ml
Aegis Gourmet EVOO
Aegis Gourmet EVOO

OFFER Aegis Gourmet EVOO – 375ml

Choose this great olive oil set from Paragaea to refill your olive oil shelf with high-quality extra virgin olive that is now on sale price!  

This EVOO is made exclusively of the local Lianolia variety of Parga from the Paragaea estates. The harvest starts in October when the olives are still green and the polyphenolic content still high. It is obtained with cold extraction (temperature of process kept below 26o C ) resulting in an extra virgin with medium to high fruity flavor, a little bitter and spicy. To be used for salads and steaks or as a finishing oil, contributing with excellent flavor and precious nutrients

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Set includes:

    • 4 x Aegis Gourmet EVOO – 375ml
Weight 1.8 kg