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Logo Aegis

Greek & Mediterranean Creative Cuisine.

Welcome to Aegis Dine&Drink,

We bring soul and passion to our food by combining and cooking-simply seasonal and fresh ingredients. Our menu is inspired by the Greek tradition & offers comfort, flavorful & appetizing plates of both the Greek & Mediterranean cuisine tweaked with contemporary touches and the results are often surprising!

We are centrally located in the picturesque and lively seafront of Parga and yet our ambiance is laid-back, chic, and cozy. Our infamous hospitality is warm & generous while our friendly staff promises to take good care of you during your dinner. All the above reasons classify our restaurant at the top of your visit list when you are in Parga.
A true dining experience not to be missed 

Our Menu

Our menu uses tradition as a stepping stone to alter the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with contemporary tweaks offering casual, flavorful, and appetizing plates. You can try flavorful salads, cold & hot starters, yummy pasta & risotti, delicate fish & tasteful meat plates. The dulcet desserts couldn’t be missing from our menu while our wine, spirits, and cocktail list promises to elevate your dinner.¬†

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