Agrieleo is a unique olive oil

We at Paragaea, are restless and dedicated to anything that concerns olive oil. Our recent search was on the wild olive oil. We call it Agrieleo and it’s coming from the wild olive trees. Agrieleo is a natural superfood whose production and use in modern Greece is almost forgotten, most probably due to its small output.

We decided to trace back to the historical sources and look for the ways they produced it and used it in ancient Greece. We found out that they used the wild olive oil not only as food but also as medication. Hippocrates used it to cure many cutaneous diseases and to maintain the good health of the gums and the white of the teeth. 

Agrieleo Benefits

The pharmaceutical substances that are contained in Agrieleo have:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • cardrioprotective capacities

Recent studies have shown impressive results as far as its actions to:

  • reduction of bad cholesterol
  • reduction of blood pressure
  • prevention of cancer
  • treat digestion problems
  • the health of skin and care

For the production of our own wild olive oil, we went up to the hills surrounding Parga and discovered the wild olive trees at an altitude of 300 m. We visited the place for the first time on the 15th of October and after we had checked the maturity of the olives we decided to postpone the harvest so that they are not very bitter. Two weeks was enough time, so we went back on the 2nd of November.

Mules were used for the transportation, as the area is inaccessible by vehicles. The olives were harvested exclusively by hand and transported to the olive oil factory the same day. Our goal was to achieve the highest quality and preserve the fresh flavor and the organoleptic features of the olive fruit. We chose an olive oil factory of the area that operates using the traditional methods and means  so that we could get a totally pure and traditional product. We ground the olives in a stone mill and cold pressed them at a traditional press and let the liquids separate naturally and unfiltered, exactly how our ancestors used to do in the old olive oil factory, provided that the containers didn’t let any oxygen in.

After 20 days we set apart the olive oil and had the joy to see our Agrieleo flowing a little later. It was bottled in its unique bottles without preceding filtration, so that it kept all its beneficial components and the valuable polyphenols most of all, that is why we call it, pure olive juice!

The final product received, Agrielo – Aegis Gourmet, had a very small output of 400 bottles and very low acidity, 0.02. It’s got a characteristic rich, fruity flavor, spicy at the same time. The texture is thick and velvety and the aftertaste intense, long and rather botanical. Its green color is complemented by golden highlights and its clarity, rather poor, due to the lack of filtration.

As soon as we tasted it, the fatigue we had felt, was replaced by pure joy and satisfaction for this product. Every drop of it, contains research, careful preparation and hard work!

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