Hello everyone, it’s Vasilis writing this blog post and i want to share with you those little things that explain why paragaea celebrates mother’s day.

what the word mother stands for us & also in the end of the blog you will find a surprise!

Mother. the core of the Paragaea family

To begin with, Paragaea includes the old olive oil factory, the Aegis Gourmet olive oil products, the Aegis Dine&Drink & also runs gastronomical activities such as the Cooking Experience. We are 100% a family business and we run all the above projects with our personal work and efforts. At this point i would like to praise all those people who are working with us all these years. They are family to us & without them any of this would be happened

Thus, to cope with the need of this business we as a family have chosen to put “mother” in the core of our everyday flow and through that to stay united and become better every day.

paragaea celebrates mother's day

Paragaea celebrates mother’s day for the nature

In addition, to produce the Aegis Gourmet olive oil products we are heading to mother nature as we are using the olives and the olive trees that she provides. As a result, for our business the role of mother nature it’s highly appreciated and we constantly trying to preserve it like this and respect it. 

paragaea celebrates mother's day

Paragaea celebrates mother’s day and has a gift for you.

regardless you are a mother or you want to make a special gift to your beloved ones we are here for you. 

Use the coupon: BEST MOTHER  both on Saturday May 12 and also on Sunday May 13, to enjoy 20% product discount for purchases from Paragaea Online Store . After all, mother’s day it’s important  for all of us for various reasons.

let us know in the comment section why this day it’s special for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog,

till next time…



  1. Nice you have a blog. We are in parga 26 of may for three weeks,
    We are coming to visit you. And like to buy olive oil en after shave stuff.

    So we see you in may or juni as.

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